md2 Thumbnailer

md2 Thumbnailer

Creating professional looking web galleries has never been easier
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Creating professional looking web galleries has never been easier or more flexible than with our MD2 Thumbnailer. With an intuitive user friendly interface, you can start creating thumbnails in seconds.
A multitude of great options await you, enabling you to add high quality touches to your photos, pictures and resulting thumbnails. Read below for all the features of our thumbnailer.
Main features:
-Very easy to use - Creating a web image gallery has never been easier! Just click a few buttons and watch your gallery come alive with mouse rollover effects, drop shadows, custom colour schemes and much more!

-Powerful - Recognizes all popular image formats and EXIF tags, resizes pictures using smart algorithms earlier available only in full-fledged image editors. Choose from 3 re-sampling methods and 4 smart resize methods. See the effects of option changes in real-time.

-EXIF Support - Includes an EXIF file viewer which allows you to view all the data stored in your photos by your digital camera. MD2 Thumbnailer will even rotate your photos automatically if your camera has an orientation sensor, so no more manual rotating!

-Artistic - Recover shadows, adjust saturation, brightness, RGB levels and more! Add effects to both the thumbnails and the big gallery images. Built in plug-ins which allow you to sharpen and blur your photos and flexible text compositing functionality, to allow you to add text to your photos (such as copyright notices).

-Value for money - A built in FTP client means you don't have to shell out for extra software to publish your gallery to the internet. MD2 Thumbnailer is all you need. Furthermore, extra effects can be added to the software by our unique plug-in architecture. We will be releasing more plug-ins in the future, and offering them for FREE download to our customers.

-User friendly - Intuitive bubble help explains every little detail of the software so that know exactly what to expect. All options are grouped in easy to understand categories so that you can effortlessly create galleries, without any knowledge of WWW or HTML.

-Flexible - You have total control over every tiny detail of your web gallery. You can even create your own custom HTML templates and let MD2 Thumbnailer insert the tables and navigation for you.

-Time Saver - Save settings in a profile and apply it to different sets of photos. Great for webmasters which administer online photo galleries. Have MD2 Thumbnailer create and upload your new gallery with a single click (or even from a scheduled task or command line).

-Customizable - if you have some knowledge of HTML and CSS, you can customize your pages in absolutely any way creating your own templates.

-Fully functional - the trial version of MD2 Thumbnailer is fully functional for an evaluation period of 15 days. You may then unlock your software and gain even more features by purchasing a license key from us. We supply both site and single machine licenses. Contact us for bulk corporate licensing arrangements.

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